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That Time When I Sprained My Geekery Muscle - Seven Degrees off Bubble
March 2nd, 2011
12:10 am


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That Time When I Sprained My Geekery Muscle
Today we were discussing Greimas's Square in my Narrative Theory course and I mused a bit about a question of multi-dimensional graphing that's been plagueing me. I held forth for a good couple of minutes about the limitations of two-dimensional graphing leading (necessarily) to charges of binary opposition and reductivism and how if we could just expand Greimas's two contrary terms to THREE, establishing a plane, and reflect that across a central space to their three antithetical terms...

I think I got as far as "two dimensional" before losing my prof and the other grad student. But I have GOT to find some way to use that thesis option or I will NEVER get this data mapping idea out of my HEAD!

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